Monday, April 20, 2015

Petition: Bates Harris Tulsa Shooting

Eric Harris was killed on April 2 in Tulsa, Oklahoma by a reserve deputy. Robert Bates, 73, a local insurance executive who spends his free time working as a reserve deputy, said he "accidentally" used his gun instead of his Taser. See the body cam video embedded below and at YouTube

The Guardian published the following narrative of the violence: 

"The video, which came from a police officer’s body camera, was released by police on Friday. It shows Harris running down a suburban street, away from his pursuers. The officer catches up with him and Harris is brought to the ground. A shot is heard and Harris gasps in pain.

A voice, presumably that of Bates, says: 'I shot him. I’m sorry.'

A gun is dropped on the road and then picked up.

Harris cries out, repeatedly, '
He shot me!' and says: 'Oh my God, I’m losing my breath.'

As officers continue to subdue Harris, one officer is heard to say: 'Fuck your breath.'

Medical help was called to the scene, but Harris died in hospital."

Please sign the PETITION to terminate the deputy who pressed his knee into the back of shooting victim Eric Harris in Oklahoma after he was fatally shot by Bates, a sheriff's deputy who "paid to play" cop. The petition also calls for the termination of the deputy who said, "F your breath" to the dying man, who complained that he could not breathe. The deputies are michael huckeby and joseph byars (lower case is intentional). The petition will be delivered tomorrow, April 21, 2015. Meet protesters at 1pm at the Tulsa County Courthouse to walk to the sheriff's office. Please sign it today.
A representative of the Tulsa Democrats joined us at "Human Rights Demand" channel to request assistance notifying the public about the petition and demonstration as well as a second demonstration that is planned for Friday, April 24, 2015, at 7pm. Meet at the Tulsa County Courthouse. Hear Angela on the "Johnny Strozier Keeping It Real" broadcast 

There is a Facebook page to rally support for the petition. A demonstration is planned for 1pm Tuesday, April 21, for justice advocates to meet and deliver the petition, which presently has over 1,000 signatures, to the sheriff's office.

Bates seems to be enjoying quite a bit of notoriety from his "mistake." See his interview at CNN

Of course, the FBI cleared the Sheriff's Department in Harris's killing. 

Bates, a wealthy insurance executive who has known Sheriff Glanz for 25 years on both a professional and personal level, faces a second-degree manslaughter charge for accidentally killing Harris during a gun-and-drug buy sting. A report by the Tulsa World found that supervisors falsified training records for Bates, a deep-pocketed donor who has supplied the department with cars and electronic equipment during his seven years as a volunteer reserve deputy.

African Americans have experienced significant racial injustice in Oklahoma. It was home to Black Wallstreet, the scene in 1921 of one of America's worst race riots. See a report at the url that follows:

SEVEN URLs are above this point in this article. Thank you in advance for signing the petition and sharing it and this article with online friends and groups. I saved the Blogtalkradio chat room notes from last night's "Human Rights Demand" broadcast and the phone numbers of participants in an email addressed to myself. Today, I cannot find the email in my "sent" folder at Gmail, and neither can I open my GoDaddy accounts where I emailed the information at this point. Perhaps they changed my passwords. NSA, or whatever agency, has outdone itself protecting officers who ridiculed dying Eric Harris after his "accidental" shooting. The federal government's racists are worst of all, including the black ones.

I find it completely irrational for African Americans and whites of good will to continue to ask for federal investigations of black people's lynchings. I have found the racists in the federal government to be completely unmoved by such pleas, as they are eugenicists who are more likely to give such law officers a bonus and high five or a beer summit. See "NSA Conceals Lynchings?"


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  1. Announced by Fige Bornu

    April 21, 2015


    Justice for Aiyana Jones Committee
    Demands the Resignation
    Of Detroit Police Chief

    The Justice for Aiyana Jones Committee (JAJC) finds it reprehensible that Detroit Police Chief James Craig would allow the killer of Aiyana Jones to work with the Detroit Police as a criminal investigator. JAJC wants Aiyana's killer, Joe Weekley, to be forbidden from ever working in any capacity with law enforcement.

    "Detroit Police Chief James Craig's decision to reinstate Joe Weekley as a Detroit Police officer reeks with insensitivity and promotes outright a total disregard to what happened to Aiyana Jones as she slept in her grandmother's arms," states Roland Lawrence, Chairman, Justice for Aiyana Jones Committee.”

    “Obviously Craig does not understand nor care about Detroit’s most vulnerable demographic which is young, Black and poor. And the reinstatement of Joe Weekley clearly shows that he doesn’t think Black lives matter.”

    # # # # # # #