Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Alton Maddox, Jr. to Representatives

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     To:  Congressional Black Caucus
            2305 Rayburn House Office Building
            Washington, DC 20515

          Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic, Asian Caucus
          LOB 519
          Albany, NY 12248

          Black, Latino and Asian Caucus
          250 Broadway, Room 1774
          New York, NY 10007

From:   Alton H. Maddox, Jr.
     Re:   Legal Representation
date:    May 20, 2015

            May 21, 2015 will recognize "Twenty-five Years of Resistance."  I was "constructively disbarred" from the practice of law in New York for allowing for competent and zealous representation for the black and Latino communities as is required by the Sixth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, a right which belongs to the people. An attorney only enjoys a privilege.

            I represented both the black and Latino communities.  I was the lead counsel for the "Central Park 7" which involved the persecution of black and Latino youth.  My lawsuit against the NYS Department of Corrections allowed for youthful defendants to study for a college degree.  Gov. George Pataki later ended this program without any genuine opposition from black and Latino legislators.

            Jones v. Koch was initiated to challenge the exclusion of blacks and Latinos from being considered eligible for being a schools chancellor in the New York City Board of Education. It was also probono litigation.  I was the lead counsel.  When the smoke had cleared, Anthony J. Alvarado would become the first, non-white schools chancellor in New York City history.

            An encyclopedia would be necessary to give complete and exhaustive credit for my competently and zealously representing both communities before I was "constructively disbarred" from the practice of law.  I may have become the victim of my "constructive disbarment" but the target was both the black and Latino communities.

            My privilege to practice law became a political question under the guise that I had engaged in illegal behavior.  Since no client had filed a disciplinary complaint against me, I should have been charged only in a criminal court.  Instead, a bogus, attorney disciplinary complaint was initiated by white members of the New York Legislature.  This smacks of a bill of attainder.

            When I was practicing law, I had three inflexible rules.  (1) I never asked a client what happened.  (2) I would never allow a client to testify in his or her own behalf. (3) It was impermissible for a client to enter a plea of guilty.  There were no exceptions. Therefore, I was incompetent to violate the attorney-client privilege by testifying against Al Sharpton or Tawana Brawley.       

            On May 21, 1990, I was arbitrarily, summarily and permanently suspended from the practice of law amid the prosecution of Alfred C. Sharpton in a 67-count indictment in Manhattan Supreme Court.  I was allowed to complete this representation.  In an August 1, 1994 order from the Appellate Division:  Second Judicial Department, I was definitely suspended from the practice of law for only five years.  The clock is still ticking.

            Many of your constituents feel aggrieved.  It is not important that you agree with their grievance.  It is also not important that you be in attendance at the Cotton Club on May 21, 2015.  It is important that you express the views of your constituents to Gov. Andrew Cuomo and other necessary and important judicial and public officials.

            A copy of your letter to any of these public or judicial officials should be mailed to the Freedom Party at the address listed below on or before May 21, 2015.        

                                    Freedom Party
                                    P.O. Box 35
                                    Bronx, NY 10471

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