Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Invitation to Join Holocaust Memorial Museum

Holocaust Memorial Museum

Dear friend,
I am truly inspired.

Recently, 1,600 visitors to the Museum have become members. Their support benefits every aspect of our work—teaching the lessons of the Holocaust to new generations, rescuing precious Holocaust evidence, striving to prevent genocide, and more.
Now, I am turning to you to keep up this momentum. Our goal is to match the success we had at the Museum by extending this special membership offer to our online community. For the first 1,600 to respond, we’re offering our $25 membership for just $20.
As the eyewitness generation diminishes, your support is more critical than ever to ensure that the Holocaust is not forgotten—and that its memory shapes a better future.
Join now and you’ll receive:
  • Two priority passes for entry anytime during Museum hours as well as access to the members-only express line at the Museum entrance
  • The Museum’s award-winning note cards and calendar
  • 10% off at the Museum’s gift shop

Dana Weinstein
Director, New Audience Engagement and Membership

Photo: Holocaust survivor and Museum volunteer Nesse Godin interacts with a young woman. US Holocaust Memorial Museum