Thursday, April 2, 2015

Bobby Seale: Black Panther Party Movie

~ Bobby Seale ~

Mary, thank you for your help with and support for getting an honest film produced about our history and the history of the Black Panther Party.

Here is the info on why and how people can support getting this film produced:

Through, LLC (Independent Film Production Division), I am raising development funds to produce “SEIZE THE TIME: The Eighth Defendant,” a feature length film dramatization that chronicles my life experiences as the founding Chairman and national organizer of the Black Panther Party and in turn the true history of the Black Panther Party.

“SEIZE THE TIME: The Eighth Defendant” will tell the my true 60’s protest movement history and the true history of the Black Panther Party, giving those now and in the future an awareness of our history, as an example of how one should never give up the struggle for true liberation and freedom. Instilling and inspiring in them the hope that change is a possible and that we the people must proactively work to preserve our constitutional rights.

By purchasing books, posters, DVDs and memorabilia from my website, people can help support my efforts to get an honest film about my sixties protest movement history and the history of the Black Panther Party produced. Here is the link to that page:

All Power To All The People!

Bobby Seale

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