Saturday, August 15, 2015

"Sam Dubose Bad Dream Team: O'Mara, Zimmerman's Lawyer, and Wright, a Cochran Firm Fraud Lawyer

MaryLovesJustice discusses latest news regarding The Cochran Firm frauds. "Immaterial People Catch Hell in America's Legal System."  NNIA1 welcomes guests to speak on air by calling 818-572.2947.This broadcast will explore what it is like to be an "immaterial" American, which includes all people in the working class or on fixed incomes, especially African Americans. The Cochran Firm is possibly going out of business, having been declared nonexistent as "a law firm" by USDC, Central District of CA, on May 12, 2015. Nevertheless, Michael Wright has been selected (by the police union?) to represent Sam DuBose's family, along with O'Mara, George Zimmerman's former attorney. This might be the world's worst legal team to defend the wrongful death lawsuit against police who shot and killed Sam DuBose in an inexcusable violent police encounter at a traffic stop. Please read the following article and prepare to discuss the DuBose case during our upcoming broadcast: "Sam DuBose Bad Dream Team: Zimmerman's Lawyer O'Mara, and Wright from The Cochran Firm Frauds"  >> As America's most censored journalist, MaryLovesJustice experienced difficulty scheduling the broadcast for August 15. "Immaterial" Americans are dissuaded from speaking, because our opinions do not matter to elitists in this country that wages wars for human rights in other countries.

This is a case of 'blame the messenger.' Our two radio channels, "Human Rights Demand" and "NNIA1" only report the numerous lawsuits against The Cochran Firm frauds. We do not cause partners to repeatedly violate the Code of Professional Responsibility and get sued by their former clients, attorneys, partners, and partnering law firms who allege fraud, malpractice, racism, and sexual discrimination against the firm that misuses Johnnie Cochran's name. When it comes to ruining one's own good name like Cochran Firm partners and associates have done, "Nobody else can do this for us" (MLK).

This Blogtalkradio host had significant trouble scheduling our "Johnny Strozier Keeping It Real" broadcast at "Human Rights Demand" channel tonight, Aug., 15, 2015, probably because successful reentry after parole damages prison investors' stock portfolios. I promised G+ followers I'd broadcast at NNIA1 at 11pmEST, but I was not allowed to schedule any show for before 11pmPST (which is 2amEST). Strozier was incarcerated in the Georgia prison system from age 10 until his mid-50's, and we follow his reentry into society. America has a 67.5 percent recidivism rate, which is unacceptable and evidence that a prison system based on harsh punishment rather than rehabilitation and education is ineffective for anything other than generating increasing prison profits for wealthy, unscrupulous prison and jail investors who profit by other people's hardship. 

Both of these radio shows will be rescheduled at Blogtalkradio, where paying for broadcasting time is apparently not enough to ensure that one will be allowed to go on air. We believe prison and jail investors should divest or resign from public offices and be immediately excluded from serving as Justice Department personnel, lawmakers, judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and crime lab technicians. Furthermore, lawyers who are known to defraud their own clients in order to protect police like The Cochran Firm should not be representing Sam DuBose's family or anyone else in court proceedings. Let us hope that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, where The Cochran Firm frauds appealed USDC's decision, will not revive the monster. 

Prison investors regard American's requests to end mass incarceration and corruption in government as being "immaterial," because working class people and those on fixed incomes in the USA are considered immaterial by bloodsucking elitists.
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