Sunday, March 29, 2015

Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran Fired

Atlanta's mayor has terminated Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran just for being Christian and speaking out against homosexuality.

Below is a news report by Fox News ["They" would not let the embedded video work. Christianity is censored in the USA. At least one inmate was murdered by prison guards for expressing a belief in Jesus. His name was Daniel Linsinbigler, a 19-year-old Caucasian youth in Clay County Jail in Florida]:

I hope you agree with me that it is completely unacceptable for Mayor Reed to censor Christianity.

And it is even worse that he is putting his liberal ideology before the lives of Atlanta residents.

The mayor cannot make safety decisions -- such as who is qualified to fight fires -- based on radical, personal beliefs.

Christians and pro-family advocates across the country are rallying to Chief Cochran's side.

Public Advocate of the United States is focusing our efforts on alerting Atlanta area residents to this outrageous violation of Free Speech.

I need you to contact Mayor Reed's office right now and insist he reinstate Chief Kelvin Cochran and issue a full apology for censoring Christian, pro-Family speech.

Mayor Reed's Office: (404) 330-6100

Thank you for your help!


President, Public Advocate of the United States

The controversy arose when Cochran published a book. Cochran, who served seven years as the chief of the Atlanta Fire Department, lost his job over a book he wrote about biblical morality titled, “Who Told You That You Were Naked?” A small portion of the book contained what critics called homophobic language.


Comments by MaryLovesJustice Neal

Mayor Reed revealed that he was harassed by phone calls to his home and that some people called him the antichrist after firing Atlanta's fire chief. I don't believe Mayor Reed is the antichrist, but I was aware of the spirit of antichrist in him when he refused to correct his police officers who threatened me with Tasering and arrest if I continued to tell people in Atlanta about the lynching of my mentally, physically disabled brother, Larry Neal. Larry died under secret incarceration (kidnapped) in Memphis Shelby County Jail in 2003. Apparently, Atlanta is a co-conspirator to keeping this news from the mainstream.

In 2010, I went to downtown Atlanta and warned the public that The (Johnny) Cochran Firm was representing the family of Kathryn Johnston, the 92-year-old woman on whose residence Atlanta police officers had done a home invasion and killed her in November 2006. The Cochran Firm defrauds its non-white clients throughout America to save government entities and certain large corporations from its clients' lawsuits. Police who killed Johnston had been tried and sentenced, and yet the family had not received any wrongful death payment in June 2010 when I went to The Cochran Firm building to protest corruption.

Two Atlanta police officers were sent to threaten me for using my First Amendment rights to expose my own brother's lynching and The Cochran Firm fraud against Johnston's family. In August 2010 when the family still had not been paid, I notified officials that I would report The Cochran Firm's fraud of Kathryn Johnston's survivors to the students at the AU center as soon as school convened for its fall session. The City then arranged a settlement for the Johnston lawsuit in a hurry just one day before college registration. It was a lawsuit The Cochran Firm had never filed properly. Furthermore, the treacherous lawyers settled for less than a third of the demand without taking the matter before a jury. See "Treacherous Lawyers: The Cochran Firm" for many lawsuits against that firm by its former clients, lawyers, and partnering law firms, alleging fraud, racism, and malpractice. The article is in my "Cochran Firm Fraud" blog at

Secondly, Mayor Reed was tolerant of Occupy Atlanta camping in Troy Davis Park (Woodruff Park) as long as the protesters were overwhelmingly white. When Occupy Atlanta had a hip hop concert and drew African Americans and Native Americans arrived the next day, Atlanta's tolerance ended immediately. The Occupy protesters had been told they could stay until the end of the month, but Reed sent police to remove their encampment immediately once Blacks and Native Americans arrived. I consider Mayor Reed to be a plantation overseer. The racism was obvious, yet Reed called Kelvin Cochran prejudice.

Thirdly, Mayor Reed is an adversary to the Atlanta Task Force, Atlanta's largest homeless center. It sits on coveted real estate in Midtown, and certain wealthy companies want to evict the homeless and take the land for themselves. Mayor Reed refused to accept a $100,000 check from the Atlanta Task Force for a past due water bill. Without water, The Atlanta Task Force must close. That would not only give the opportunity to take the homeless shelter's land, but closing the Task Force would also render its 900+ occupants eligible to become prison commodities if arrested for vagrancy or panhandling (these charges probably led to my own brother's secret arrest in Memphis). Only prison investors would cheer. Access the article at the link below: "Kasim Reed: No Water for Homeless People"

Read more: Wrongful Death of Larry Neal

See also a news article by The Daily Signal about the controversy regarding firing the Atlanta fire chief:

Give me a call one day, Hon. Eugene Delgaudio, IF "they" let you. I believe Mayor Reed is in "a big club, you ain't in it." (YouTube)

Mary Neal 
(678)531.0262 or (571)335-1741

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