Friday, January 23, 2015

Demand Justice for Eric Garner: January 29 at NY Supreme Court

Press release by 

Vernon Eligah Williams

January 23, 2015

To All Those Who Care About Martin Luther King's Ongoing Struggle For Justice For All Americans

I need you to be at the Supreme Court on Staten Island, New York on January 29th at 9am when arguments are heard in the court case to try and get the Eric Garner grand jury transcript released. I need to get many people to be at the Courthouse. This is important for our Nation. The address is 18 Richmond Terrace Staten Island, NY 10301. It is across from the Staten Island Ferry Terminal. Be there. Please forward to those you know in the New York Area.

I also need you to call the Prosecutor Daniel Donovan and ask that he release the Eric Garner grand jury transcript as well as the names of the police officers who were given immunity. His phone number is (718)876-6300. He is running for Congress and has done all he can to make sure that the Grand Jury Transcript remains sealed.

Also a gag order was placed on the NYCLU and Legal Aid Society that filed the court case. When CNN called they were not allowed to speak with them. Now there has been no national media or press on this important story and court case. The American public does not even know that the court case is happening. This is wrong. Tell them to air the story NOW. CNN, MSNBC, and NPR have been silent as well as the other network's World News shows. Call the comment lines - CNN 212-275-7800 NY, and 404-827-1500 in Atlanta. See email addresses for media: MSNBC is 212-664-4444. Write Amy Goodman Democracy Now at NPR: and Jeffrey Toobin at CNN Washington Post's email box is It is vital that they cover this story immediately. [I doubt if they will.]

I hope you will be able to join us at the courthouse on January 29th at 9am. Justice For All In America Now. We all saw what happen to Eric Garner. It is time for America to be a better Country. Thank you for your attention.

"I Can't Breathe." - Eric Garner

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